What we do?

Our Company BTS Yangın Güvenlik Yapı Teknolojileri is one of the leading companies in Fire Security (Life Safety) and Building Technologies Companies in Turkey. 

Our activities are;

• Fire Detection and Warning Systems

1. ZETTLER Interactive Fire Alarm Systems Based on Multilogic Algorithm,
2. BANDWEAVER Fiber Optical Linear Fire Detection System-DTS Distributed Temperature Sensor System,
3. TYCO/ZETTLER  Exproof Fire Alarm Devices,
4. XTRALIS VESDA Air Sampling Early Smoke Detection Units,
5. XTRALIS / OSID New Generation Beam Detectors (IR / UV),
6. ZETA Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Systems,
7. ZETA Conventional Fire Alarm Systems,

• Fire Extinguishing Systems

1. TYCO and SIEX Environment Friendly Clean Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems
2. STAT-X Special AerosolGasExtinguishing Units -For Electrical Panels

• Passive Fire Insulationand Protection;
1. KBS Coating, KBS FoamCoat Special Fire Stop Coating Material for Electrical Cables,
2. KBS Panel Seal / KBS Mortar / KBS Seal Bags / KBS PipeSeal / KBS Pipe Wrap Electrical and Mechanical Installation Special Fire Stopping Materials for Transition Cable Ducks and Shafts,
3. KBS Steel Coat Special Fire Stop Coating Materials for Steel Structure Construction,
4. KBS Wood Coat Board Special Fire Stopping Coating Materials for Building Construction,
5. KBS Gap Seals Special Fire stop Materials for Building Blanks and Dilitation Blanks,
6. NEUTRON / Firebreak Foam and Sealants,

• Gas Detection Systems;

1. SENSITRON Industrial Gas Alarm Detectors and Control Panels,
2. ZETA Car Park Gas Alarm Systems,

• Building Security and Control Systems

1. Card Access and Door Entry Control Systems,
2. Turnstile and Barrier Systems,
3. Building Monitoring and Control Systems-Analogueand IP CCTV Systems,
4. Security and Home Automation Systems,
5. Integrated Security Solutions for High Security and Critical Facilities,

• Perimeter Security Systems

1. BANDWEAVER DAS (DigitalAcoustic Sensor) Border Security over Fiber Cable, Moving Object Detectionand Imaging System,
2. BANDWEAVER FenceSentry Fiber Cable Over Fence / Perimeter Security and Monitoring System
3. BANDWEAVER RTTR (Real Time Thermal Rating) High Current Cables Load Bearing Capacity and Cable Safety Monitoring System,

• Emergency Announcement and Public Address Systems

1. TYCO NEO and ELEKTROPANC Public Address and  Emergency Voice Alarm Systems,

• Engineering and Commissioning Services

1. Discovery in the field and preparation of proposals,
2. Project Management and Contract Making,
3. Installation Supervision,
4. System Design and Material Supply,
5. System Testing and Commissioning, 
6. Customer Training, 
7. After Sales Service and Maintenance Contract.


We give our Works by combining our 20 years own experiences with the representation agreements signed by several World’s Leading Manufacturers and Companies in their own fields.

While serving our customers, our company uses the latest technology systems and devices with International SafetyCertificates approved by Independent Institutions (European Standard EN54 under British LPCB and German VdS Approvalsand US Standard NFPA under UL and FM Approvals).

The most important feature during our services and works to our customers that we pay attention is to develop, to project, to propose and to ful fill the most optimum and economical system solutions in accordance with the request of our customers with several alternatives.

Our companyis the member of;

*ETMD in Turkey (Electrical Installation EngineersAssociation), 

*TÜYAK (Fire Protection Foundation andAssociation) in Turkey

while in theinternational arena;

* BS (British Standard ENGLAND) and

*NFPA (National Fire ProtectionAssociation-USA).

Our Managing Director Ahmet Levent Ceylan is a graduate of METU (Middle East Technical University) Ankara’81 Electrical & Electronic Engineering. He is a member of METU (Middle East Technical University İstanbul Graduated Members Association) and Eymir Cultural Foundation of METU.He is a member of EMO IstanbulChamber, METU Istanbul Alumni Association, METU Eymir Culture Foundation and Istanbul AtakoyRotary Club.

He was theBoard of theDirector of ETMD during the years 2010-2011 as 5th President


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